Out-Natured: Cairotronica’s 4th Edition

The theme of Cairotronica’s 2024 edition, ‘Out-Natured,’ opens a critical dialogue at the intersection of technology, nature, and society. This exploration is not simply a thematic choice but a reflection of the urgent environmental and societal shifts we witness today. In this inquiry, we delve into the paradoxes and complexities of our techno-natural existence and dependence.

At the core of this edition’s theme lies the recognition of the asymmetric power dynamics that have shaped our planet’s ecology. This edition serves as a lens through which we examine the often unseen consequences of unprecedented technological advancement, especially as they manifest in regions like the Middle East and the global south, where they are most acutely felt. Here, the effects of environmental degradation and technological imposition are not distant theories but lived realities. 

‘Out-Natured’ challenges the narratives of technological determinism and environmental neutrality. It questions the role of human agency in this era, probing the ethical and political dimensions of our entanglement with both technology and nature. This edition is a call to critically reassess this relationship, moving away from dominance and exploitation towards more sustainable and equitable models. It is an invitation to reimagine our collective future; to consider how art and technology can coalesce to forge pathways that are ecologically sound and culturally inclusive.

Through this lens, ‘Out-Natured’ encourages a reevaluation of our roles as stewards of the Earth. It urges a consideration of a future where our technological advancements and our natural environments do not exist in opposition, but in a state of harmonious coexistence.

This theme invites artists, technologists, and thinkers to present works that not only reflect on these tensions but also offer new perspectives and possibilities. The festival seeks to showcase how innovative artistic practices can inform, challenge, and expand our understanding of environmental issues. It is a space where immersive installations, digital art, and interactive experiences act not just as representations, but as active participants in the discourse on sustainability and technological ethics.


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