Cairotronica is a festival of Electronic and New Media arts in Cairo, Egypt. Planned to be held biennially. It includes a program of activities, exhibitions, talks, workshops and screenings by local, regional, and international artists as well as academics, and technology experts. Cairotronica aims to inspire, educate, and challenge students and audiences from across the region.

For one week, audiences will be exposed to the latest in electronic arts installations in an interactive environment, as well as attend exhibitions, screenings, workshops and out-door performances.

All to encourage participants to improve, re-imagine, and develop unexpected but useful ideas and collaborations, that could lead to spreading awareness and knowledge about the possibilities, challenges and side effects that new digital technologies offer, to creating a new international hub and platform for electronic art in the Middle East.

Cairotronica will function as an incubator for exchanging ideas, concepts, products and services, will bring people together from different industries and fields, encouraging them to create solutions together and will create a bridge between different audiences and professionals to connect through art.


The best way to predict the future is to design it.

– Buckminster Fuller

When logically thinking of the term “possibility”, one underscores the absence of contradiction, defining what is “possible” as what cannot be prevented by anything from happening, even if it does not at all occur. The study of postulating possible future scenarios or studies,

also known as “Futurology” (coined in the 1940s by Ossip K. Flechtheim denoting a new science of probability), revolves around determining the likelihood of certain events and developments to take place in the future by developing a pattern-based understanding of changes that have occurred in the past and changes occurring in the present.

The concept of future scenarios has emerged within philosophy, science fiction, cultural studies and contemporary art and design. Since it is co-existent with the growth of advanced medical/science and communication technologies,

the future human is framed by ideas of mutation, evolution and the development of a species that re-writes what is conceived as future human. The definition of the future human draws on both humanist and anti-humanist concepts that suggest a profound paradox.


The omnipresence of new technology has changed the structure of our lives in an extraordinary course that makes it sometimes difficult to remember how life looked like before it. The extreme presence of technological advancement has accelerated to the extent that the future is faster than ever foreseeable. Thus, the exhibition address and captures spaces that will challenge the visitor’s relationship with everyday technology. As artists play a major role in creating new imaginaries through creative experimentation in response to real time events to question reality and rethink future discourses.

Cairotronica will bring together groundbreaking artists, pioneering engineers, ingenious designers, academics, international digital communities, designers, students, art lovers, and more from across Egypt, Africa, the Middle East, and the world. It will offer a meeting of the minds where participants will share, discuss, learn, talk, and work



Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House

05 May 2018
07 PM
05 – 10 May 2018


Ahmed El Shaer – Egypt
Ahmed Soleman – Egypt
Alejandro BorsaniArgentina
Alexandra Ehrlich SpeiserAustria
Amr hamid – Egypt
Arnaud LaffondFrance
Benoit Maubrey – Germany
Christoph Wachter and Mathias JudSwitzerland/Germany
Daito Manabe + 2bit Ishii + Hirofumi Tsukamoto + Yusuke TomotoJapan
Diane Derr and Law AlsobrookUSA
Fabian KühfußGermany
Federico GuardabrazoSpain
Gabriela Munguía and Guadalupe Chávez (Colectivo Electrobiota)Mexico
Gamal El KheshenEgypt
Gauthier Le Rouzic France

Irini Athanassakis – Greece
Islam Shabana and Sidy Benamar – Egypt/Jordon
Josh Begely – USA
Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker – Austria/Germany
Komborerai M. Chapfika – Zimbabwe
Lilian Nejatpour – UK
Mahmoud Magde – Egypt
Marc Lee – Switzerland
Mena El Shazly – Egypt
Michael James Becker – USA
Michelle Mcauliffe – USA
Mohamed Shoukry – Egypt
Nayra Mostafa – Egypt
Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska – France/Poland
Ottonie von Roeder – Germany
Project KOVR – Marcha Schagen and Leon Baauw
Sameh El Tawil – Egypt

Sandrine Deumier – France
Sara Culmann – Russia
Shadwa Ali – Egypt
Simon Weckert – Germany
Simon Weckert & Lilian Nejatpour – Germany/ United Kingdom
Stéphane Degoutin and Gwenola Wagon – France
Sune Petersen – Denmark
Tom Bogaert – Belgium
Vera Sebert – Germany
Victorica Vesna – USA
Vitaly Yankovy – Ukraine
Yara Mekawei – Mohamed Ismail Shawki – Egypt
Zahara Muñoz-Vicens and Ben Hardy – Spain/UK


Cairotronica screening program presents a selection of local and international video art, animation and experimental films.

It is a platform for new artistic film productions to reach a wider audience and open a space f for discussion with artists and filmmakers.


Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre
 Institut français d’egypte
06 & 10 May 2018

06 May
Cairo Video Festival: Fats
07:30 pm
Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre

Part One: Animation

The impact of meat 
Ahmed Sabry
2016, 04 min 07 sec

Couplets for an Everlasting Eve 
Ageda Kopla Taldea
2016, 05 min 20 sec

All Tru-ish 
Mina Mir
2015, 02 min 37 sec

The Eye of the Storm
Masanobu Hiraoka
2015, 05 min 03 sec

Fish Tank 
Haoge Liu
2016, 05 min 59 sec

The path 
2016, 06 min 34 sec

Egg Legs 
Marwan El Gamal
2015, 07 min 40 sec

It Is My Fault 
Sha Liu
2016, 04 min 50 sec

06 May
Cairo Video Festival: Fats
07:30 pm
Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre

Part Two: Tech Myth

Crossover (The Scene) 
Ahmed Elshaer
2017, 07 min 10 sec

The Current Cube 
Hend Moaaz
2017, 06 min 02 sec

The Image of Man 
Soheir Sharara
2017, 04 min 29 sec

Deeply Absurd Lucidity 
Sammy Sayed
2017, 07 min 20 min

The Caller AKA -EL Nadaha
Muhammad Taymour
2017, 08 min 48 sec

The Aesthetics of Being 
Samuel Nashaat
2017, 06 min 09 sec

10 May
Le Fresnoy Program
03:30 pm
Institut français d’egypte

An excavation of us
Shirley BRUNO,
11 min

Tarnac. Le chaos et la grâce 
23 min

6 min

Planet A
Momoko Seto,
8 min

Alexandre MAUBERT
28 min

Ondes noires
21 min


Live performances take place in different venues during the festival featuring different artists in the intersection of art, science and technology.

It offers an eminent individual and collaborative productions in audiovisual performance and experimental music.


Nile Grand Art Center
Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House


Sune Petersen
06 May 2018
07:00 pm
Cimatheque, Downtown

Code 03
The Sky is high but not for everyone

Khaled Kaddal
09 May 2018
08:00 pm
Zigzag, Downtown


Klaus Spiess, Lucie Strecke and Irini Athanassakis
10 May 2018
07:00 pm
Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House

French Touch #2

LB aka Labat (DJ set) – JellyZone Deejee (DJ set) – Bosaina (DJ set)
11 May 2018
08:30 pm
Institut français d’Égypte

Mapping Possibilities V

$$$TAG$$$, Islam Shabana, 0N4B and Ziad Osama
11 May 2018
08:00 pm
Grand Nile Art Center


Cairotronica workshops offer an educational program for young artists and students interested to learn about art and digital culture. Local and international artists and experts will conduct

the workshops that will run between three to five days during the symposium. The workshops aim to bridge the educational gab in the field of art, technology and digital culture

in Egypt and to equip artists and students with the needed tools to pursue their artistic work and experimentation within the field of media arts.


Goethe Institut – Dokki
Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House

Sune Petersen
Live Audio Workshop in VVVV Toolkit
04-05-06 May 2018
Goethe Institut – Dokki

Woeishi Lean & Johannes Lemke
Generative Graphics in VVVV
04-05-06 May 2018
Goethe Institut – Dokki

Klaus Spiess, Lucie Strecker, Irini Athanassakis, Joseph Knierzinger
Introduction to Metabolic Currencies
09-10 May 2018
Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House

Analyzing communication Network Workshop
06 May 2018
Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House


Artists talks will bring together international and local artists, scholars, curators, researchers and technology experts from diverse disciplines to discuss the different topics of a possible future in the digital realm.

By presenting a critical reflections that will redefine human and non-human subjectivities. An in-depth foresight will focus on the future of communication, urban planning, fashion, innovation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Artist Talks will create an intimate setting where deeply personal conversations will create connections and interconnections that may inspire and stimulate new art partnerships.


Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House
Oriental Hall – AUC Downtown Campus
08 & 10 May 2018

08 May
07:00 pm 
Palace of Arts-Cairo Opera House

Federico Bonelli (Artist, Director of Trasformatorio festival, Italy)
Alexandra Waligorski (Curator Art Mediation, Curator Exhibition – NODE Forum For Digital Arts, Germany)
Mohamed Hossam (New Media Artist and Founder of Creative Coding Cairo, Egypt)
Shintaro Kamijo (Rhizomatiks Research, Japan)
Marc Lee (Artist, Switzerland)
Alejandro Borsani (Artist, Argentina)
Lilian Nejatpour & Simon Weckert  (Artists, UK / Germany)

10 May 
05:00 pm
Oriental Hall – AUC Downtown Campus

Veronika Liebl (Co-Director – Ars Electronica, Austria)
Michael James Becker (Artist, Dirictor of PR+Digital Media – UCLA Art | Sci Center, USA)
Ahmed El Shaer (Artist, Egypt)
Ben Hardy & Zahara Muñoz (Artists, UK / Spain)
Mohamed Ismail Shawki (Artist, Egypt)
Klaus Spiess and Lucie Strecker(Artists, Austria / Germany)

Cairotronica Make

Cairotronica Make is an Art and Tech Open Lab during Cairotronica Festival. The main goal of the program is to build an open creative environment for Making DIY prototypes.

It is a space for Artists and creatives from the public to Learn, engage and to have Fun doing creative work with Electronics, Lights, Sensors and different Fabrication Machines like 3D printer, Laser Cutter and more.


Palace of Arts, Cairo Opera House
6-7-8 May 2018


Artistic Director

Haytham Nawar

Managing Director

Nada Bakr

Communication and Exhibition Design

Ghalia Elsrakbi

Exhibition Coordination

Nadia Abdelsalam

Workshops and Cairotronica Make Coordinator

Mohamed Hossam

Exhibition Curatorial Team

Ahmed Ellaithy
Ghalia Elsrakbi
Haytham Nawar
Mohamed Hossam
Nada Bakr

Production Team

Amr ElLaithy
Mahmoud Magdy
Mido Sadek
Moustafa Magdy

External Relation

Elena Kauffmann

Design Assistant

Rana Magdy

Social Media Management

Sandra Geovany